Improving Future Statistics

While we can’t know the future, we can make educated guesses and projections about it. RotoValue does this by displaying projected stats (both my own projections, and for baseball, projections contributed from outside sources, Steamer, Marcel, and MORPS), and also by letting you choose prorated stats for the current year or the previous year. When I first… Continue reading Improving Future Statistics

Statistics Correction

I’ve discovered and corrected a bug in my 2014 major league baseball statistics. Last Monday’s Reds/Pirates game was suspended by rain that night, and then completed on Tuesday, followed by the regularly scheduled game. RotoValue saves the live statistics of games in progress, and later it replaces them with a summary from the official boxscore. Well, in… Continue reading Statistics Correction

Free Agent Handling and FAAB

My two long-time baseball leagues, the Park Slope Rotisserie League, and the Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association, both share the same free agent bidding/handling system, and I like it quite a bit. One of the big questions in fantasy sports leagues is how should you allocate players who are new to the league? Many leagues use… Continue reading Free Agent Handling and FAAB

Minor League Data Now Available on RotoValue!

I’m happy to report that I’m now receiving minor league (and often foreign league) data from the Chadwick Baseball Bureau. Subscribers to RotoValue Analyst now can see minor league, fall, winter, and many foreign league statistics on RotoValue Player Detail pages. So you now don’t need to go to some other site to find minor… Continue reading Minor League Data Now Available on RotoValue!

Week 25 Fantasy Stars

Paul Goldschmidt is fantasy MVP for the penultimate week of the season, hitting .370 with 3 HR, 6 R, 9 RBI, and 1 SB, earning $58.97 in the 5×5 Mixed League rankings, $50.59 in the deeper 4×4 NL Only, and $48.67 in the 5×5 NL Only, all comfortably the highest RotoValues in each format. Rays’ starter… Continue reading Week 25 Fantasy Stars