MLB Predictions 2023

Opening day! The start of the major league season is upon us, and RotoValue has predictions for how it may go. These standings are derived from the individual RotoValue statistical projections for the players in each organization. While there has been plenty of player movement, overall RotoValue thinks the six division winners from 2022 are… Continue reading MLB Predictions 2023

RotoValue now showing player news from

RotoValue is now partnering with for player news. Starting this month, we will now be showing RotoBaller player news for both NBA and MLB. This will give better fantasy focused news items for players throughout the site. The main place to see player news on RotoValue is the News pages, which can show news on… Continue reading RotoValue now showing player news from

2021 NBA Projections on RotoValue

I’ve released RotoValue 2021 NBA individual projections. RotoValue projections take into account a player’s NBA statistics, age, position, and their depth chart position (if any) to predict statistics totals. The model regresses all players to a per-position league average, so centers will tend to have more blocks, and point guards more assists, than other players.… Continue reading 2021 NBA Projections on RotoValue

Tracking Injuries…

I’ve just rolled out some enhancements to RotoValue’s handling of injury reports. Now in addition to displaying reports, and highlighting the injury on player searches, I’ve added a new field, called Target Return:

2015 NBA Projections Take 1

I’ve run the first version of my 2015 NBA Stat projections. There are two versions, RotoValue and AdjRotoValue. My model starts with a weighted average of recent performance, adds regression to a per-position mean, and applies an aging adjustment (very young players will, other things being equal, tend to improve, while older ones will tend… Continue reading 2015 NBA Projections Take 1

2014 Fantasy All Stars

It’s easy to find lists of the best players in fantasy baseball. Lots of people have opinions on the matter, and plenty use formulas and models to rank players. Clayton Kershaw is baseball’s best starter, and was likely the most valuable pitcher in almost any format. Mike Trout was also outstanding, and while not clearly the best position player… Continue reading 2014 Fantasy All Stars

Adding More MLB Statistics

I’ve added some more basic statistics for baseball to the RotoValue system. For pitchers, I’ve added 2B allowed, 3B allowed, runs allowed, balks, and at bats against. For batters, I’ve added games started and intentional walks. You can chose these as scoring and/or (if you’re a RotoValue Analyst customer) display categories.

RotoValue Now Uses RotoWire Player News

The player news and analysis notes shown on RotoValue now come from RotoWire instead of RotoWorld. My feed provider for news, XML Team Solutions, contacted me Friday to let me know they had lost the ability to send RotoWorld data, but were now sending RotoWire instead. The RotoWorld data stopped coming in on Thursday, July… Continue reading RotoValue Now Uses RotoWire Player News