Projected Standings

One fun feature of RotoValue is Projected Standings. While we don’t know what the future will hold, we can guess about it, and the page lets you do exactly that. My long-time NBA league had its draft last weekend, and now all the rosters are loaded, so we can see which teams look strongest. So… Continue reading Projected Standings

Hybrid Auction/Draft

Fantasy sports leagues typically use either an auction or a draft to allocate players at the start of the season. Drafts are usually faster and simpler, but especially for the NBA right now, where two players stand out far above the rest, they mean that the draft order determines who can own LeBron James or… Continue reading Hybrid Auction/Draft

RotoValue Pricing Primer

Steve “Dr. A” Alexander bemoans the variety of fantasy basketball leagues, which makes ranking players in general basically impossible: I’m in 11 hoops leagues this year, and every single one is different.  There are Rotisserie, Head-to-head and Points-based leagues.  There are 30-team leagues and there are eight-team leagues.  There are five-category scoring leagues, and there are… Continue reading RotoValue Pricing Primer

2011-2012 NBA Values

With training camps set to open next week, I wanted to do a recap of top players in the 2011-2012 NBA fantasy season. I’m using the RotoValue pricing model, assuming a 10 team league with a roster of 13 players, 10 who start (4 guards, 4 forwards, and 2 centers).  Each team has a $200… Continue reading 2011-2012 NBA Values

NBA Mid-Season Recap

After yesterday’s All Star game, the NBA has reached mid-season. So it’s a good time to see who’s having the best fantasy seasons. I’m computing prices assuming a 10-team league with a starting roster of 3 guards, 3 forwards, and 2 centers, with a 3-person bench. Each team has a $200 salary cap. MVP It’s a… Continue reading NBA Mid-Season Recap