Customizing Projections on RotoValue with RotoValue Analyst

Projections are central to fantasy sports, and RotoValue integrates projections into the site. Pages like Search or Projected Standings have a Source selection, where you can choose which set of statistics to display: the current or past seasons, preseason data where available, and of course projections. But with RotoValue Analyst, you not only can see projections like Steamer,… Continue reading Customizing Projections on RotoValue with RotoValue Analyst

2014 Fantasy All Stars

It’s easy to find lists of the best players in fantasy baseball. Lots of people have opinions on the matter, and plenty use formulas and models to rank players. Clayton Kershaw is baseball’s best starter, and was likely the most valuable pitcher in almost any format. Mike Trout was also outstanding, and while not clearly the best position player… Continue reading 2014 Fantasy All Stars

Going 9 AL Recap

So I did a draft for an AL league sponsored by Going 9 Baseball, with 12 teams, so it’s a deep league. We drafted 25 players each, and it took a little over 3 hours to complete online. After doing a mock draft in a shallow mixed league a few weeks earlier, I had hoped to… Continue reading Going 9 AL Recap

An Auction Guy Gets Drafted

I’ve blogged about participating in a fantasy baseball mock draft last weekend, but I have a confession: I’d never before done a straight baseball draft. I’ve been playing fantasy sports for over two decades, and I’ve done fantasy football drafts often. Once we did a fantasy basketball draft when the delayed season start made it impossible… Continue reading An Auction Guy Gets Drafted

Mock Draft Reflections

Today I did a mock draft online, which was quite an experience. First, I’d like to thank Mark Healy of for inviting me to participate. It was fast and fun – we used to hold it, and it was configured to allow at most 60 seconds per pick. Healy hosts a weekly radio show on SiriusXMFantasy, and he… Continue reading Mock Draft Reflections

Mock Draft Results

I’ve uploaded the rosters for the mock draft to my web site as the 5×5 demo league. I’ll have a fuller post on the full experience later on, but for now, here’s some projected standings using the consensus of the projections that I have on the site.