Customizing Projections on RotoValue with RotoValue Analyst

Projections are central to fantasy sports, and RotoValue integrates projections into the site. Pages like Search or Projected Standings have a Source selection, where you can choose which set of statistics to display: the current or past seasons, preseason data where available, and of course projections.
But with RotoValue Analyst, you not only can see projections like Steamer, Marcel, or RotoValue’s own, but you can upload and edit your own projections, too. How do you do this? RotoValue Analyst customers can see links to custom projections under the Settings menu. From a PlayerDetail page, there is a link to edit projections for that particular player:
MyProjection link
Click on this page to go to a page that lets you set custom projections for the player:
Custom projection page for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
If you haven’t set any projections at all, this defaults to use RotoValue’s projections for the player, but here you can save whatever values you like for the player’s statistics. You can also multiply all projected values by a constant, so if you expect a player to play 50% more than the current projections, you’d enter 1.5 in the “Multiply all values by” field.
Once you save, the player’s projections will now appear on their PlayerDetail page as My Projection:Projections part of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s PlayerDetail page
The “My Projection” text links back to the page to update projections for the player, so you can easily change them.
You can also update projections in bulk. When you’re not on a PlayerDetail page, Settings has a link to MyProjections, which lets you update defaults for your projections.
Picture of page showing My Projections link
Click on that link, and you come to the MyProjections page. This page lets you download your current projections to a spreadsheet, upload a spreadsheet to change projections at once, remove all projections, or change the default projection source to use for players whom you don’t project:
General My Projection page
Here you can click “Download” to download a .csv file of your projections, upload a new file of projections, remove all custom projections, or change the default source for projections. The default source is used for players for whom you have not set a projection.
While on the PlayerDetail page, your projections will always appear exactly as entered, on other pages they may be prorated up or down based on injury data. When a player appears on an injury report and has a target return date, then his projections will be scaled down to reflect the games missed prior to that target return date, so you shouldn’t have to manually change projections to reflect known injuries. Injury-adjusted projections are used in player Search pages, Projected Standings, and also the Auction and Draft applications. You can even change your projections during your draft: either edit a particular player’s projections, or upload a new projections file, and then reload the Draft (or Auction) page to see your most recent projections reflected in the application.
RotoValue Analyst doesn’t just compute prices customized to your league’s settings from some set of statistics. It also lets you create your own projections, and/or modify projections from any of the sources the site displays.

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