Expanded Filtering in Search

RotoValue Search pages used to support filtering by a single pro team or fantasy team, but now that has been extended to support searches filtering on multiple values of these types.
Previously you’d need two different windows or browser tabs to see a search matching only players on two different teams, but now these can be combined in a single search.
Where before the RotoTeam and ProTeam filters were a single selection dropdown, now there are checkboxes to hide or show the selections. By default the team choices are hidden, but they will appear when you check the relevant box.
Team Filter Search ScreenThe team filters take effect whether they’re currently visible or not, so you can hide the team lines.
So if you want to look at players on your team and those of a potential trading partner in a single tab, you can filter on those two teams. Or, you can search for players who are either on your team or are free agents, which is helpful when considering whom to pick up from the waiver wire.
Like other filters, these are cumulative, so you can add filters on name, position, and/or pro team, and (where appropriate) minimum statistics values (e.g. AB, IP, FGA). If you have RotoValue Analyst, you can also add filters for arbitrary values in statistics, by checking the “Other Statistics” box. This shows a row where you can add statistics and limit values (either >= or <=), and the Search will only show players who match the additional limits.
So this page shows NBA players on one of four teams (Spurs, Suns, Thunder, and Timberwolves) who have 200 or more rebounds and 100 or more assists in the 2018-9 season:
Stats Filtering
These filters take effect whether the lines where you select them are visible or not, with the corresponding checkbox in the top line toggling which additional filter criteria to display.

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