Statistics Correction

I’ve discovered and corrected a bug in my 2014 major league baseball statistics.
Last Monday’s Reds/Pirates game was suspended by rain that night, and then completed on Tuesday, followed by the regularly scheduled game. RotoValue saves the live statistics of games in progress, and later it replaces them with a summary from the official boxscore. Well, in this case, the official boxscore for the completion came on Tuesday, with the date of the game as Tuesday April 15th also. Even shares this confusion, as their scoreboard page shows that game for April 15th, not April 14th.
While the site properly shifted the boxscore data from April 14th to the 15th for that game, it did not adjust the year-to-date totals, and so it wound up counting the partial data from the 14th and the full data from the completion of the game on the 15th. So the net effect was that many Reds and Pirates players showed up with more statistics than they should have because that game was (mostly) double-counted. Win, loss, and save totals were unaffected, since the game had not been completed, but any stats compiled before the game was suspended Monday were double-counted.
I’ve reloaded the YTD totals for the full season from all the boxscores, correcting the data. And now RotoValue is again showing correct statistics for all games, and I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

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