Rookie Raises

Mike Trout had his contract renewed by the Angels for $510,000, apparently just $20k over the MLB minimum. Trout was the American League’s rookie of the year, and according to many, he should have also been its most valuable player, an award that went to Miguel Cabrera instead.
I was wondering what the highest contract for a second-year player was, but I didn’t find any list via a web search. So using data from Baseball Reference, I’ll create a list.
Here are the rookie and 2nd year salaries of the Rookie of the Year winners from 2000 forward:

Year League Player Rookie Salary Next Year Raise
2011 AL Jeremy Hellickson $418,400 $489,500 $71,100
2011 NL Craig Kimbrell $419,000 $590,000 $171,000
2010 AL Neftali Feliz $402,000 $457,160 $55,160
2010 NL Buster Posey $400,000[ref]2010 MLB Minimum[/ref] $575,000 $175,000
2009 AL Andrew Bailey $400,000 $435,000 $35,000
2009 NL Chris Coghlan $400,000[ref]2009 MLB Minimum[/ref] $475,000 $75,000
2008 AL Evan Longoria $500,000 $550,000 $50,000
2008 NL Geovany Soto $401,000 $575,000 $174,000
2007 AL Dustin Pedroia $380,000 $457,000 $77,000
2007 NL Ryan Braun $380,000[ref]2007 MLB Minimum[/ref] $455,000 $75,000
2006 AL Justin Verlander[ref]Verlander was the #2 overall pick in the 2004 draft, and signed a multi-year deal then.[/ref] $980,000 $1,030,000 $50,000
2006 NL Hanley Ramirez $327,000 $402,000 $75,000
2005 AL Huston Street $316,000 $339,625 $23,625
2005 NL Ryan Howard $300,000[ref]2005 MLB Minimum[/ref] $355,000 $55,000
2004 AL Bobby Crosby $300,500 $350,000 $49,500
2004 NL Jason Bay $305,000 $355,000 $50,000
2003 AL Ángel Berroa $302,000 $372,500 $70,500
2003 NL Dontrelle Willis $234,426 $353,500 $119,074
2002 AL Eric Hinske $200,000 $600,000 $400,000
2002 NL Jason Jennings $206,000 $325,000 $119,000
2001 AL Ichiro Suzuki[ref]Suzuki signed a multi-year deal in 2000.[/ref] $5,666,667 $3,696,000 ($1,970,667)
2001 NL Albert Pujols $200,000 $600,000 $400,000
2000 AL Kazuhiro Sasaki[ref]Sasaki was signed to a multi-year free agent deal in 1999.[/ref] $4,000,000 $4,666,667 $666,667
2000 NL Rafael Furcal $200,000 $355,000 $155,000

For some players Baseball Reference didn’t have rookie salary data. Trout’s $20,000 raise is smaller than any on this list, except the unusual case of Ichiro Suzuki’s second year salary, with just Huston Street’s $23,000 and Andrew Bailey’s $35,000 being close.
Of course, Trout wasn’t just a rookie of the year; he arguably had the best rookie season ever in MLB history. Ignoring Kazuhiro Sasaki, the biggest raise was indeed Pujols’s $400,000 (matched by Eric Hinske the following year). In general it seems bigger revenue teams give larger raises, as Oakland tended to be at the low end, and Atlanta and the Cubs nearer the high end of raises. Verlander’s raise presumably was locked in by a long-term contract.
Update: I’ve used the MLB minimum salary for years where Baseball Reference doesn’t have rookie year salary data. In each of these cases, the player was called up mid-season, and thus likely earned less than this (getting paid a minor league salary before call-up, and the prorated minimum after), but the MLB minimum is a reasonable baseline for computing their raise after winning the Rookie of the Year.

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