No Power!

Like many on the east cost, we’re without power in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. But at least the hosting provider for rotovalue stayed up throughout the storm, and is now handling the start of the NBA season!
So in my limited bandwith (thank you to my neighbor for opening his generator-powered WiFi), I’m now tweeting the best line of the NBA day. Opening night it was LeBron in standard 8/9 category formats, but for the ESRA league I’m in (Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association – I’d link to an old page of its stats, but that is hosted by an old laptop at my house, which doesn’t have power), the best line was from Anderson Varejao’s stunning 9 point, 23! rebound, 9 assist effort. ESRA counts 6 equally weighted categories using 7 stats: points, rebounds, assists, FG%, and FT% are 5, and the 6th category is the sum of steals and blocks.
Check out the RotoValue twitter feed here:

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