If You Can’t Beat ’em…

… integrate with ’em!

Since my efforts to project major league baseball statistics did not do better than some of the freely available systems, I figured I should make their data available in the RotoValue site.

So I now have data from multiple projection sources available on the site:

The RotoValue Search page lets you sort by different statistics, and filter by MLB team, position, or (for appropriate position filters) IP or AB. Change the Source field to get different statistics, either other projections, current or previous seasons, or preseason data.

  • This link searches all MLB players using Steamer projections and lots of stats.
  • This link is an AL only search using Marcel and the traditional 4×4 categories.
  • This link is an NL only search using CAIRO and 4×4 categories.

From any of these you can change source easily, sort by any visible category, and/or add filters. For current season data, you can also show statistics for any date range – which is great if you want to compare numbers since a trade, call-up, or major role change for a player. And if you’re using RotoValue for your league’s standings, then it can search only among free agents, or show all players on one particular fantasy team.

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